2014  Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Treasures, Vancouver, BC, Canada


2016HSBC Rugby Sevens, Prop House at the Queen Elizabethcurated by Andrew Young, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2015Squamish Music Festival, Mural Pavillion, curated by Andrew Young, Squamish, BC, Canada

2015Ayden Gallery, Infloresencecurated by Megz Majewski, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2014  Nikkei Museum, Daruma, Burnaby, BC, Canada

2014  Hot Art Wet City, Voices From the Other Room, curated by Rachel Ashe and Chris Bentzen, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2014 Ayden Gallery, Campfire Stories, curated by Sean Karemaker, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2013 Gam Gallery, Between the Lines, curated by Tarah Hogue, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2013 The Fall Tattooing and Artist Gallery, Pros VS Cons, curated by MILK Productions, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2013 Gropps Gallery, Hidden Worlds, curated by Jennifer Chernecki, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2012 Ayden Gallery, Enter the Void, curated by Nomi Chi, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2011 Diversity Festival, Diversity Art Gallery, curated by Tessa Rand, Taxeda Island, BC,

2010 The Fall Tattoo and Artist Gallery, A Sumptuous Symposium, curated by Shwa Keirstead, Vancouver, BC

2010  Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Close Reading, Vancouver, BC

2009 The Fall Tattoo and Artist Gallery, A Steampunk Symposium, curated by Shwa Keirstead, Vancouver, BC


2012 Positive Negative Gallery, ODD, curated by Bennett Slater, Dan Leonard, and Alison Woodward, Vancouver, BC