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The other day, the lovely folks at Lady Radio CITR-FM Interviewed me about tattooing and recorded the awkward noises I made with my mouth while trying to communicate my opinions. Thanks ladies, I kinda did it c:

If you're at all interested in any of the amazing folks I work with at The FALL Tattooing & Artists Gallery, check out our website! Or we're @thefalltattooing on IG as well!

I only got a chance to mention very few of the amazing people I rely on in my practise, I could have filled the whole time mentioning names I appreciate. I hope you know who you are xox.

Edit: There are some cuss words, just so y'know. As well, I am misquoted as saying there is "no pain in numbing cream", when I said there's "no SHAME is numbing cream (when you're getting your nipples tattooed, at least)"

Thank you so much to Paulia and the lovely people on Lady Radio for inviting me!!

New Beginnings

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Whether you're finding this accidentally or shifting from my older modes of online communication, welcome to my new website! 

My blog-type content used to filter through here, Alison Wonderland which will now be discontinued. I'll keep it up as a backlog for the images displayed there.

And for now, because text only posts are less fun, a sneak preview of a piece that will debut at The Fall Tattooing's Feature Creature show opening October 30th, 2014.

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